Re seller Opportunity

AxFat detox coffee brand has proven to be very popular,Our product are mainly sold in  salons, gyms, nail bars, health shops

This is a fantastic opportunity for both your business and your customers. Salon's offer there customer's a free sample of our amazingly healthy detox coffee, which results in 90% of customers making a purchase.

Customers get the chance to try the new detox coffee for free and your business gets a massive 90% up sell and a new source of daily income.  Your business will profit from every sale, returning you over 60% commission. 
  • Do you ever offer your customers a drink when they wait for a treatment ?
  • Do you have a kettle ?
        • Would your customers enjoy a free cup of hot coffee flooded with goodness ?

 We also offer free point of sale material for your business. inc free AxFat branded coffee mugs.   There is no hard sell with our product range just let the coffee do all the selling for you. Just offer your customer the chance to try this new detox coffee for free, they are under no obligation to buy. 

Our Detox coffee is very competitive and good value for money.