The story behind AxFat the brand was really about my discovery & vision of helping people stay healthy and live longer. Anything we can do to help our family stay on this earth a bit longer, in my mind, is worth doing. In years to come we will all look back and see how we could all have added more than ten years plus onto our lives by just making better food and drink choices. The Axfat Detox Coffee blend was discovered from visiting Thailand, India and Africa. Spending time with healthy and fit people and finding out how they use their food as medicine. Tea & Coffee was used to treat everything, from liver problems to gut issues and general health conditions. In fact, the list of health benefits was so long that I could not write them down fast enough and this was just from tea and coffee alone. My investigation hat was put on and I was now on a mission to research those key ingredients in those magical teas and coffees, which made them have so many hidden health benefits.

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       A passion for making lives better ... 

We are living in a time, where thanks to the internet, people are finding out new ways of healing and ways to cure illnesses through other means than using conventional medicine. People are now starting to look at alternative medicines not as some black magic or witch craft but as a serious way to cure a problem that your doctor can't help you with. One day in the near future antibiotics will not work and alternative health products will soon be taken seriously and used as a cure to common illnesses. coconut oil is a great example, which we have seen being used 15 years ago for skin care and shampoo. Now people in the western world are bathing in it, eating it and even putting it in tea and coffee. The native red indians have been using plant extracts for hundreds of years,to cure sore heads, back pain, stress, in fact just about everything that we all go to the doctors about. Food is medicine. 

Getting back to my story... After many trips to Asia where I met some wonderful people, which mostly lived in very poor conditions, I was astonished to find that those people lived a very happy and healthy live and usually exceeded the age of western people. This phenomenon was the hook for me and I wanted to find out more, which led me to keep on asking questions. Another interesting fact was, that the local doctor always offered local medicines, rather than the brand named drugs we all know. For example, they offered Turmeric plant extracts and antiseptic leaves for cuts and scratches. Coming from the western world, this was odd to see, however, after spending many weeks in a country I soon began to see how this alternative medicine worked and how much of a simple lifestyle these people really had. The food was very simple and peoples' diets were even simpler. In addition, I could clearly see how silk-like their skin was. I felt like Indiana Jones or a crazy scientist in the jungle looking for the answers to all our questions and I think I finally found it. There was no junk food in the jungle, only fresh water, plants and fruit. Additionally, to get to the next village, people have to walk or climb. 
I have seen a massive difference in peoples' food intake and lifestyle. When I came back to the UK, I noticed how many people are overweight and very unhealthy, including the obese, smoking and grumpy taxi driver who picked me up from the airport. Our NHS is a modern health service with every common drug available but it is bursting at the seems with sick people. The people I met in Asia hardly ever needed a doctor and they live a much longer life than us western people.

The day I came back from Asia, opened my eyes to how bad the western lifestyle really is. This realization made me set out on a mission to educate and change myself, which I slowly did over time. My vision could not have been clearer because I had seen how these amazing people lived and what food they were eating and most off all, what medicine they were using. I decided to take all my new found knowledge and produce a detox coffee, which would be an easy start into a new lifestyle for people. Our detox coffee can replace peoples' usual brand of coffee and add health benefits at the same time. 

You too can now join AxFat and earn a massive 100% commission on every sale you generate for our brand. For more information email Become a brand promoter  

I would like to give big thanks to entrepreneur spark, the Princes Trust and of course Barclays Bank, who have shared my vision and love our products. Sometimes you need to see it, to believe it. There are things out there that can truly change your life forever. I have seen it and that believe gave me the vision to start making peoples lives better by offering them a healthy choice to a product that they are already consuming. 

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